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GCORR invites you to use this devotional, “Transform Us: Journeying with Jesus Towards a New Church” for personal or congregational use. This devotional was inspired by themes from our Racial Justice Prayer and Action Challenge: lament, repentance, hope, liberation, healing, and reconciliation.


Lent represents the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the wilderness.
It is a time for us to reflect, fast, and give penance in preparation
for the resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday. io

Plan to join Ames UMC on the
Lenten Journey to the Resurrection.

-- Ash Wednesday: February 14 ...... Joint Worship Service with Asbury UMC
and John Wesley UMC
-- 1st Sunday in Lent: February 18 - Matthew 4:12-16 - Sermon: Another Call Story
-- 2nd Sunday in Lent: February 25 - Luke 5:27-28 - Sermon: From Taker to Giver
-- 3rd Sunday in Lent: March 3 - Luke 22:7-13 - Sermon: Preparation for Passover
-- 4th Sunday in Lent: March 10 - John 13:5-20 - Sermon: An Example to Follow
-- 5th Sunday in Lent: March 17
-- 6th Sunday in Lent / Palm Sunday: March 24 - Matthew 21:10-11
Sermon: Who is This?
-- Maundy Thursday: March 28 ...... Observance
-- Good Friday: March 29 ...... Joint Worship Service with Asbury UMC
and John Wesley UMC
-- Resurrection/Easter: March 31. Church School program followed by the message ...... Matthew 28:1-15 -Sermon: The Scandal That Still Exist Today